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For Cancer Survivors

SurvivorSHINE was created just for cancer survivors and is based on the American Cancer Society (ACS) Diet and Physical Activity Guidelines and three National Cancer Institute supported randomized controlled trials of people living after cancer.

NCI trials: R01-CA81191, R01-CA106919, and R21-CA122143. SurvivorSHINE is supported by American Cancer Society grant CRP-14-111-01-CPPB.

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Not a cancer survivor? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association are great places for anyone to learn more about health weight, healthy eating, and exercise.


SurvivorSHINE offers personalized information and tools to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight through healthy eating and exercise.

Eating a healthful diet, exercising regularly and achieving a healthy weight is important for everyone – but it is especially important for people who have had cancer.


SurvivorSHINE is completely free and contains no advertisements.

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IMPORTANT: SurvivorSHINE provides diet and exercise guidance according to national guidelines and should not be considered medical advice. If you have a particular medical condition or have had a recent surgery, the suggestions we provide in SurvivorSHINE may need to be modified. Before beginning any diet or physical activity program, please check with your doctor or health care provider.