Supermarket Survival

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Shopping lists are a great tool to help you reach your eating goals. A list will help you plan ahead for the next day and even the next week’s meals. If you plan ahead, you will have food items on hand that you will need. The list also will help you focus on your lifestyle goals.

We offer the following suggestions of what you may want to keep on hand. Print off the list, and circle, cross-out and add items as you see fit. Make sure to keep non-perishable foods on hand so you can prepare a simple and healthy meal on short notice.

When shopping the DUET way, start your shopping adventure in the produce section. Produce should fill at least 1/3 of your cart. Then, stick to the outside aisles where most healthy foods are shelved. Try not to walk in the middle aisles unless you have a purpose, because that is where processed and high-fat and high sugar foods are most prevalent.

Use the Weekly Meal Planner to layout your meals for an entire week. Using the same ingredients multiple times throughout the week in different recipes will keep the cost of groceries down. You also may want to review the grocery store tour video and watch as Dr. Beth Kitchen and Corita shop for healthy foods together. Make a point of shopping with your DUET partner!

Get your DUET Shopping List

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