Fast Food

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Fast food is usually not the healthiest option. But, sometimes there is no other choice. Luckily, most fast food restaurants have at least a few healthy items on the menu. You also can ask for a slight change in the item when you place your order. Just say, “Hold the mayo,” and you can easily shave-off 100 calories and about 10 fat grams.

Here are some common fast food items with ideas for making them healthier or getting a healthy alternative.

Fast Food Item The Healthier Option
Danish Bagel
Croissant or biscuit sandwiches English muffin
Eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes Pancakes without butter
Cold cereal with 1% fat or fat-free milk
Lunch and Dinner
Fast Food Item The Healthier Option
Jumbo cheeseburgers
Grilled chicken
Sliced meats
A small hamburger on a bun with lettuce, tomato and onion
Fried chicken or tacos Grilled chicken or salad bar
But watch out for high-fat dressings and ingredients
Fried chicken pieces. Chicken fajita pitas
Fried fish. Grilled fish
Pepperoni or sausage pizza Request less cheese and more vegetable toppings
Sandwiches Choose whole grain breads instead of croissants or biscuits.
Select turkey breast instead of high-fat meats such as salami and choose either meat or cheese, not both.
Use mustard instead of mayonnaise
French fries Baked potato with salsa or low-fat chili
Tossed salad or vegetables with vinaigrette or reduced-calorie dressing
Milkshake Juice
1% fat or fat-free milk
Pies, cakes, ice cream or cookies Low-fat frozen yogurt
Fruit ice