There are 3 types of exercise that will help you move toward better health:

Endurance Exercise

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These are activities that get you breathing heavily, your heart thumping, and your body moving and breaking a sweat. Endurance exercise is good for your circulation and your lungs. Strive for at least 150 minutes of endurance exercise each week.

Strength Exercise

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These exercises build muscles. This is very important if you have received chemotherapy or are older, and have lost or are losing muscle mass. Strength training can preserve your ability to climb stairs, get out of the car and perform many of the tasks needed for independent living. Set a goal for doing strength exercises twice a week.

Flexibility Exercise

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Keep limber and avoid injury with a GOOOOOOOD STREEEEEEETCH! Make a point of stretching after you do your endurance exercise, e.g., walking, jogging, etc.

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Stephanie's Story

After my cancer treatment, my doctor told me that I needed to get more exercise. I thought he was joking. “Me, exercise?” I never thought about exercising before, so why now? Besides, my cancer treatment left me really tired. I already didn’t have enough energy to do the things I enjoyed, let alone exercise! He told me that exercise was important for my recovery. Exercise would give me more energy. It may even help my body fight diseases, including cancer. That was new information for me. It got me thinking that maybe he was right. I’ve never really liked to run or spend hours in the gym, but I eventually found something that I like. Now, I count my steps and take fitness classes.

* The individual pictured above is not the individual described in the story. The name and photo have been changed to protect privacy.