Calorie Burning Guide

Image of bicycling person

Burn Those Calories!

Exercise increases muscle and burns calories. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. So, exercise is a great way to control your weight.

Below is a chart which shows how many calories you can burn in an hour by doing various kinds of physical activity.

Activity Calories Burned Per Hour
Aerobics, step: low impact 504
Aerobics, water 288
Bicycling, stationary: moderate 504
Chopping/splitting wood 432
Gardening: general 324
Golf: carrying clubs 396
Golf: using cart 252
Heavy cleaning: car, windows 324
Mowing lawn: push, hand 396
Activity Calories Burned Per Hour
Mowing lawn: push, power 324
Raking lawn 288
Sleeping 45
Stair step machine: general 432
Swimming: laps, vigorous 720
Walk/jog: jog <10 minutes/mile 432
Walk briskly : 15 minutes/mile 324
Weight lifting: general 216

Calories burned are based on a person weighing 150 pounds. Each person will be a little different.

Keep in mind...

What you eat may be even more important than exercise in controlling your weight. Every time you pop something into your mouth, you may need to ask yourself – “Is it worth it? How much will I have to exercise to wear-off the calories?

Drink a can of regular cola (about 150 calories) and you’ll need to walk briskly for a half an hour! Otherwise roughly 1/20th of a pound goes straight to your waistline.