Healthy Weight

What is a Healthy Weight?

Extra weight can increase harmful hormones in the body, such as insulin and estrogen, that cause inflammation and other biological effects. Extra weight is also linked to development and recurrence of some cancers (colon, esophageal, breast, uterine, and kidney).

So, what is the best weight for everyone? There is not a magical number that everyone should weigh to be healthy. Body Mass Index (BMI) can be used to determine your healthy weight range by comparing your current weight and height. A healthy BMI range is between 18.5 and 24.9. Click here to use the SurvivorSHINE BMI Calculator to determine if you are a healthy weight.

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Alexa's Story

Maintaining a healthy weight was hard after cancer treatment. It seemed like nothing worked to help me lose weight. I tried all kinds of fad diets and exercise routines. I followed them for a while and then I fell “off the wagon.” My friend, who also was diagnosed with cancer, helped me understand that in order for my body to get better, I needed to start eating healthier. I stopped drinking soda pop and switched to water. Most of all, I began to write down everything that I ate, BEFORE I ate it and counted my calories. It worked! I just took it one day at a time. I reached a healthy weight by following my plan.

* The individual pictured above is not the individual described in the story. The name and photo have been changed to protect privacy.